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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 19, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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--serious military launches syria's military launches an attack. hello. also on the program, one of pakistan's team of politicians is shot dead in karachi. and we will look at the plight of the pink dolphins, a hong kong icon.
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captioned by the national captioning institute kidding reports that the syrian military has begun an initiative against a town where 32 people have been killed. there has been fierce fighting in the area for months. the town is considered important because it lies between damascus and the dead -- the mediterranean coast. our reporter is in neighboring jordan. can you tell us more about this offensive? >> we are hearing from activist groups that since the early hours of the morning, syrian troops were backed by hezbollah in lebanon and they have been raiding the town and heavily bombarding it. it is clear that the syrian
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government is adamant about regaining control because, as you mentioned, it is important. that the first on rebels appeared in the province. inwere hearing about clashes this town before we were hearing about them in any other part of syria. having control of this province is imperative. it is considered the back yard of damascus. it is close to the seat of power. we have seen in recent months that the military has changed its strategy. instead of going after lost territory and try to regain it, it is focusing its battle and concentrating all of its resources on damascus, the capital, and in this region. they are getting help from hezbollah and lebanon, which is a staunch ally of damascus. we are getting reports t 32
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people were killed, including rebels. the rebels are calling for more help and more weapons to try to face the syrian government. it seems like a heavy offensive that could turn into a ground assault. beenshear out assad has boosting his defense strategies -- president assad has been boosting his defense strategy. is this a psychological win or a strategic win in military terms. ? >> it is a very strategic win. this city is close to damascus. it is on the highway that connects damascus to the mediterranean coast. for thosehe heartland who are loyal to president assad. they do not want to see that route cut off by rebels. as i mentioned, hezbollah
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fighters from lebanon are assisting the syrian troops. i have read reports that they have said they are leaving this battle. hezbollah, according to many observers and military analysts, is playing a controversial role. it is also worrying israel, which has already launched three attacks on syria in recent months. we just heard in new reports that syria has put on stand by its most advanced domestically- made weapons with orders to hit tel aviv in israel if israel launches another strike on syrian soil. we also heard an israeli if president that assad wants is an attack on israel, the consequences will be crippling. >> thank you. meanwhile, the israeli prime
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minister has promised to do whatever is necessary to make sure advanced weapons from syria to not fall into terrorist hands. the government is operating in a responsible manner and to the short-term -- to insure paramount justice. we will act to insure security interests of israeli citizens in the future as well. syrian presence as proposed peace talks are unlikely to solve the crisis in this country. speaking to a foreign newspaper he says the opposition is too fragmented to reach a peace agreement. he also said he will not step down. we have this report. >> a frank interview with foreign media to discuss the crisis in syria.
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president assad used a carefully controlled exchanged with -- exchange with argentinian journalists to explain the conflict to the world. he blamed the crisis in this country on foreign intervention and denied his army used excessive force. he said he wanted dialogue with the opposition, but not with terrorist-armed groups. a transcript of the interview was released by the syrian state news agency. he said the opposition is not one single autonomous group. we are dealing with hundreds of small, factored militias. we are talking about thousands of different personalities. decideddent assad has he will stay in his position until he was actually forced out.
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political negotiations are not what president assad is really looking for here. syria, this is how president assad's forces are getting his message across. this under five video shows government jets bombing be mainly rebel -- this on their -- unverified video shows the government jets bombing may leave rebel territory. --osition fighters shopping shooting at government targets. they also show off weapons provided to them. the bloodshed shows no sign of letting up. this is the aftermath of a car bombing on saturday night that killed three people.
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it isent assad maintained up to the syrian people to decide his and their future. but with more than 80,000 dead and many more wounded since the conflict began, there are far fewer of them to make that choice. in tunisia, police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters who defied a government plan -- a government ban. they were banned from rallying in the holy city. there is a large police presence and security forces have set up checkpoints throughout the city. the nigerian military has declared a 24 hour curfew in parts of the northern city. it is a strong hold -- stronghold of a rebel group. says 10 suspected by it
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is have been killed since the operation began on tuesday. another 65 have been arrested. people in some areas of the opera -- pakistan city of karachi are voting in a rerun of last sunday's general election. there were complaints of irregularities. a leading female politician has been killed in. we have this report. the grief is clear. shot twice in the head outside her home late saturday evening. police are investigating two possible more tense. police are- the investigating two possible motives. of may have been the target a politically motivated killings.
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>> based on the evidence we have so far, we cannot rule out the evidence of murder or robbery. only when we investigate further will we be able to say something more accurate about it. >> the movement for justice party was her party. she used social media to accuse the other party of orchestrating killings. and exiled leader was accused of being directed responsible for the murders. a charge his people strongly denied. there were allegations of voting fraud in last saturday's's general election. the leading candidate says he -- there were allegations of voting fraud in last saturday's general election.
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the leading candidate says nobody has ever been arrested for killings or tried in court of law. >> last week's general election 18 seats in its power base in mcclatchy. it is thought to be a stronghold of the ppi. there could be more election- related violence, violence that has claimed more than 80 lives. more than 3500 security personnel are stationed at polling stations in this crucial of efforts to prevent any more killings. launched area has projectile of up its east coast. it lost three short-range missiles on saturday in this
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same area. the u.n. secretary-general asked north korea to stop its missile testing because tensions are high. chinese premier is on his first overseas trip since taking office. political analyst from new delhi says it will be an interesting time between china and india. moment, one can really not say very much. he has just taken over as the premier. there is also a new president of china. according to chinese official he will carry out
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its new a foreign-policy and new age diplomacy, which seeks to encompass neighbors and different countries and underdeveloped countries. that interesting to see the premier was sent on his first visit abroad and his first stop is india. a readjustment of thinking in beijing. he put the old ghosts are still there. >> still to come on al jazeera, hunts ands -- witch an attempt to keep senior citizens happy and healthy.
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are the again, these top stories on al jazeera. has begun anlitary offensive on a rebel town. the attack comes after months of fierce fighting in the area. tunisian police have fired tear gas at supporters at a group in tunis. the group has been blocked from holding its annual meeting with there are also reports of clashes with police. a female politician has been killed outside her home in karachi, pakistan. restoring law and order in libya in a post-gaddafi era is proving to be a challenge in certain regions of the country.
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we have a report. a targeted another explosive device went off in an army checkpoint. two drive-by bomb attack members. military' bombings are becoming more frequent. it is not clear who was behind this campaign of intimidation. it is a clear message that there are those who oppose the new order in post-gaddafi libya. there is security security. the security forces are weak compared to the strengths of our troops. the defense ministers turned to tribal elders. they wield power in this society, but he cannot act against those who refuse to lay
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down their arms. >> the meeting was not a success. the defense minister did not present any plan to bring security here. there is no way to disarm the groups, because that would require strength. of power is in the governments's favor. there were once -- the balance of power is in the government's favor. >> sooner or later they will start complex among themselves. there will be more chaos in the country. the group be hard for to change the balance of power in its favor. those who operate outside the law are unlikely to surrender without a fight. the struggle for influence and
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power is not over in libya. >> women accused of practicing witchcraft in nepal are regularly abused. now a commission is trying to help. our reporter travel to western nepal to meet a victim was attacked by a mob. >> most people in the district have heard about what happens. aftercal was attacked being accused of being a witch. night, this man told us how it happens. >> people came and said your mother is a witch. out and shakeer her head and beat her with sticks and burned all for clothes. a mother was tied to a tree like this, naked. there were 250 people watching while my mother sat like this. told them to stop was
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threatened that they would be next. decided ton's family register a formal complaint of abuse. the accused were arrested, but two are still in hiding. this is a safe house where we her.> >> a hit me here. i want to go back home. i miss my grandchildren. >> this is hardly the first time a woman in nepal has been accused of witchcraft. one out of four are abused this way every month. last year, one died. the laws against accusing women of witchcraft are weak. take a strong act to
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combat witchcraft. we need to have security for the victims. of course, three months to two years of punishment is not enough. >> a charity has been keeping her safe to allow her to visit her family for a few hours. it has been more than a month since they have seen each other. to see her grandchildren is a relief. but she is still haunted by mobse at the door -- painting at the door. in taiwans of people are protesting the use of nuclear power. cementedg party has its proposal to parliament -- submitted a proposal to parliament.
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china is trying out an innovative self-help scheme to care for the growing numbers of old people who live in rural areas. if it works in the north, the plan could go nationwide and could save the country millions of dollars. our reporter has more. >> he is 81 years old and has trouble moving about. with no family to care for him, he was standing for himself until now. old is alsor- retired. he stays at the same home. he is in charge of caring for his 81 year old friend. >> at the moment i can help him. when i am old, a new younger residents will come and help me. this is what we hope for. >> it is a self help solution that a listing of the members of society to care for the the very
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this thelution that in young members of society to care younger -- enlists the members of society to care for the very old. many of the arable -- elderly have been left behind. free health care is available only to people live in the area where they were registered at birth. this building was converted into a home for 25 elderly villagers. with avillage in the up number of lonely elderly people have been left behind. they are on their own and unhappy. we helped organize them so they could support one another. just company than for his 81 year old roommate. he prepares meals, it gives him his medicine, and thus the washing. it is low cost and personal-care
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.- and even does the washing officials hope this model will keep them healthy and happy. -- hong kong harbor is home to the rare pink dolphins. they areo see if adapting to their new habitat. >> this is what tour groups like this have come to see. the pink dolphins. this is what they hope never to see. video shot during the same toward several weeks earlier of a dead baby calf. his mother and other adult dolphins trying to keep it on the surface.
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typical adult dolphin behavior that can last up to two weeks until the dolphins except that the baby is dead and let it sink. the organization that took the seen -- says it has received reports of several dead fs in the last few months. >> we treasured the chance that we can see them. >> living and some of the busiest waters in the world, the dolphins have shown resilience. but now it may be too much for even them. pollution and river traffic and a road and rail project drive right through their habitat. a third runway is planned at the nearby international airport. despite measures to mitigate the impact of such projects, campaigners say numbers may drop
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to an unsustainable numbers. not going to do something and act quickly, the number will drop to a level where we cannot recover. >> as the resident photographer, this trip ends disappointingly baron. -- barren. futureographers of the may get no glimpse at all. >> thousands in chilly have gathered on the streets of the capital to call for the -- thousands in chile have gathered on the streets of the capital to call for the legalization of marijuana. a request for a major overhaul in the latin american drug policy. politicians are considering a law that the president has proposed.
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reports, itrter might protect many in the country from a drug trade that can cause widespread violence. >> he is not just a fan of marijuana, he is an activist and has been pushing to have the drug legally sold in uraguay. >> it is a substance with a few weeks. it has properties similar to chaka. unlike alcohol and many legal -- it has properties similar to chocolate. >> he may soon get his wish. the law would allow the government to regulate the commercial sale and production of marijuana. personal, consumption has been allowed for years. what we propose is to regulate the market as we do of alcohol,
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tobacco, and prescription drugs, and accompanied it with better education. presidentntry's argues that allowing marijuana users to acquire the drug legally will separate them from traffickers who pushed hard drugs like crack cocaine and will deal a blow to organized crime. other countries like mexico and brazil agreed and blamed illegal narcotics trade for the violence spreading through latin america. but that does not testify legalizing drugs, says the opposition. >> i cannot accept that you are --nd -- that your plan uraguay be used as an experiment. why don't they experiments with their own countries? >> the controversial proposal is expected to be put before the
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lower house of parliament as early as next month. battleises to be a tough to determine if this small country, which was the first inning that in america to abolish slavery, now becomes the first to license the production and sale of this type of cigarette. >> one lucky person in the u.s. state of florida will find out there but will go up by $590 million. the draw for many of the best one of the biggest lottery jackpot in history took place a few hours ago. the kinds of winning were one in 175 million.
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